Summer Intensive Lessons

On Guitar, Banjo, or Ukulele

3 hours private instruction per week, either 2, 1.5 hour classes, or 3, hour long classes.

90 euros per week without instrument rental, 105 with rental included.

Space and rental instruments are limited, Book early!

These intensive lessons are perfect for: People looking to try out a new instrument or new style, Children, Travellers, or anyone who has some time and wants to quickly improve on their instrument!

Travellers Music Lessons

On Guitar, Banjo, or Ukulele

2 hours private instruction per week, With instrument rental included.

75 euros for one week, 140 for two.

Space and rental instruments are limited, Book early!

Very similar to the Summer intensive lessons, these private lessons are more geared towards people visiting Berlin and looking to play and improve on their instrument while here.  Also a really great option to try out a new instrument!

Reoccurring classes & EVENTS

Monthly or Weekly events - more info below 

Please check our Facebook page for any changes in times:

Beginning Uke - 4w, 60 euro

     Next Start Date(s) - Donnerstags 19:00-20:00 - 

Beginning Bluegrass Banjo - 4w, 60 euro

     Next start date(s) - Freitags 17:00-18:00 -

     Donnerstags -13:00-14:00 

Cajon Class - 2hours, 10 euro

     Jeden Montag - 16:00-18:00

Jazz Guitar for the Uninitated - 4w, 60 euro

     Next start date(s) - Samstags 15:00-16:00 - 

Arabic Darbuka Class - 2 hours, 10 euro

     Jeden Mittwoch -17:00-19:00

Bluegrass Slow Jam

     The last friday of every month - 19:00-20:00

Beginning Uke 1

with Daniel Gutsch

4 Wochen €60

Donnerstags 19:00-20:00

15.2 - 8.3

15.3 - 5.4

Bitte vorher registrieren

Leihinstrumenten möglich

Klein aber Oho!

Im Kurs „Uke Class for absolute beginners“ lernst du, dass es sich bei der Gitarre für die

Westentasche um ein vielseitiges Instrument handelt. Nach dem vierwöchigen Kurs kannst


- die wichtigsten Akkorde für die Liedbegleitung

- Uke-typische Rhythmen spielen und dir eigene ausdenken

- einige Uke-Classics spielen

- mit anderen Instrumenten (z.B. Gitarre) zusammen spielen

Small, but woah!

In Uke Class for Absolute Beginners you will find out that the ukulele, or "pocket-sized guitar", is a very diverse instrument!

In this 4 week class you'll learn:

-Basic chord forms for playing songs and singing

-Typical ukulele rhythms and how to think of your own

-Classic uke songs

-Playing together with other instruments (i.e. Guitar) as accompaniment

Beginning Bluegrass Banjo

with Devon Elaschuk

4x 1 hour class, 60 Euro

Registration closes day before first class

Friday Evenings 17:00-18:00



or Thursdays After noons 13:00-14:00



Intended for people with little to no experience on the 5 string banjo, in the class you'll learn:
Open Chords,
Rolls and Pinches,
How to Jam with others,
a few bluegrass standards,
and how to play some banjo over some of your favourite tunes!


Cajon Class with Abel Sanchez 

Montags 16:00-18:00 10 Euro

Bring your cajon and learn flamenco rhythms in a group setting. All levels of players are welcome, from beginning to advanced. Rhythmic patterns will be adapted for your own personal playing ability so everyone can play together. This is a wonderful class for anyone learning flamenco guitar or dancing as well. 

Learn some of these exciting rhythms:




and more!

No registration is necessary for this class. Just drop by. 

Jazz Guitar for the Uninitiated

with Devon Elaschuk

4x 1 hour class, 60 Euro

Saturdays 15:00-16:00



Been playing guitar for a while and are wanting to learn some Jazz? Or just maybe get more comfortable improvising, or learning how to build some new chords? This may be the class for you!

Come and Learn:
How to "Comp" on tunes
Chord construction!
Together we will learn 3 jazz standards. A blues, a swing, and something latin!

Some guitar experience is necessary, but don't worry if you can't read music or don't know all your scales, the course will focus on playing together and trying things out.

Abrabic Darbuka Class

  Every Wednesday from 17:00-19:00

  Drop ins welcome - 10 euros 


Every musical instrument has its own language
with its accents and expressions, 
in this workshop we are learning the basic of Darbuka rythms and technic for arabic percussion. 
using some known expressions we will research how we listen in order to speak through the instrument. 
inspired by a non institutional and oral tradition 
you are invited join this workshop discoveing your groove! 

Bring your own darbuka - limited rental darbukas available for 2 Euro per class

Uke Playground

with Daniel Gutsch

2 Stunden €6

Donnerstags 19:00-21:00




Have you taken at least the Beginning uke 1 class already and want to play with others in an ensemble? Even if you haven't but know your open position ukulele chords, you can join our monthly uke playground! 

Intermediate and advanced players welcome. There is plenty to discover and lots of fun to be had. Best of all, you'll get to meet plenty of other uke enthusiasts!


Monthly Bluegrass Learners Slow-Jam

with Devon Elaschuk

Materials provided €6

Last Friday of each month


Bring your banjo, guitar, mandolin, voice, gut-bucket, acoustic bass, fiddle, or washboard and learn 3 popular bluegrass tunes. You'll get to try improvising in a supportive setting. At the end of the slow-jam we'll speed up our songs and play the ones from previous sessions. This is a group for learning how to improvise and play traditional bluegrass music with others. Musicians only, no audience.

Sheet music provided

Music Reading for Guitarists

With Devon Elaschuk

4x 1 hour class, 60 Euro
Saturdays 16:30-17:30 - 2.6 - 23.6
Registration closes on the day before the class

Have you been playing guitar for a while, but still don't really understand what all those dots and lines are about? Well, you are not alone.
Having the ability to read music not only helps you to learn new songs, and to understand your instrument better. It helps you to communicate your musical ideas better to other instrumentalists.
So come join us, as we learn a few tips and tricks, and play simple ensemble pieces designed to get you making sense out of all those dots and lines.

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